The Cornish Jewellery Co.  is an independent workshop supplying handcrafted ,quality pewter Jewellery  made by the husband and wife team of " The Cornish Jewellery Company  "  ( Martin and Alison ). All designs are original and are inspired by the natural beauty of the area in which they are made. The far west of Cornwall is famous for its beautiful landscapes , tin mining and it's Celtic past .  


Our workshop is situated in the clifftop hamlet of Botallack in the far west of Cornwall . Its a beautiful area and a lovely place to live , we wouldn't want to make our jewellery anywhere else . The area still has an abundance of buildings and ruins from its tin mining past  and is close to the mining museum of Geevor tin mine  , which is about a mile to the north . It is a fabulous walking area close to Cape Cornwall and Kenidjack valley with  plentiful wildlife and beautiful scenery . Botallack is the original stronghold of the recent successful reintroduction of the Chough , a bird synonymous  with Cornwall and its coasts , we have seen as many as 16 birds at a time , particularly in winter when they group together .



Although Botallack was a hive of industry a hundred years ago , it is now a very sleepy little hamlet . Much of the original " Poldark" BBC TV series was filmed here and in more recent times the film crews have returned to make the latest series and just for a week or so , the film crews can double the size of the population ! Filming takes place around the remains of the mine buildings and this is now a " must go " destination  for fans .



All pewter  products on these pages are made by
" The Cornish Jewellery Company " and are also available at wholesale prices to shop keepers and traders .