Pewter is an alloy of Tin ( 92 % ) with  Copper and antimony ( to harden the metal ) . Although Tin and copper had been mined in Cornwall for hundreds of years before , Pewter was first introduced to Britain by the Romans . The oldest known Pewter items were  discovered in an ancient Egyptian tomb. By the middle ages , pewter was a much favoured material for the manufacture of tableware and this continues to this day . Pewter  is regarded as the fourth precious metal and it 's use in the creation of beautiful Jewellery is continued by the Jewellery giftshop collection .  

The far west of Cornwall is synonymous with tin mining in the UK and although there are no active tin mines at the moment , the metal is still there deep in the rock awaiting its discovery . The area where our Jewellery  is made still features a plethora of old mine workings, shafts and buildings  and they all serve as a reminder of times of old when , Cornwall was a hive of industry . The jewellery giftshop collection keeps that tradition of metalworking alive whilst aslo taking it's inspiration  from the culture and natural beauty of the area .


When you receive your Pewter product from us , it will have a highly polished sheen . To prevent your pewter from becoming dull or dirty , you can preserve its beautiful lustre by washing it in warm soapy water and then drying with a cloth .  If , however , your pewter becomes dirty , you can use metal polish to return it to its original state